Used Automatic Piston Filler For Sales with close the bottle cap machine

                              Used Automatic Piston Filler For Sales with close the bottle cap machine:

Automatic filling machine 1 or 2 heads Automatic Lubricant Oil Filling Machine Automatic Piston Filler It's to fill both liquid and sticky products is suitable for small and Middle Filling Projects

It's widely used to Fill Juice, Jam, Drinks, Cosmetics, Cream and simila

Spec and Feature

•Work independently or Connect to Line, suitable for Small and Middle filling projects

•Simple Operation with Touch screen human-computer interface

•Automatic filling by PLC

•Filling volume controlled by Cylinder with Solenoid Valve with a wide filling volume range

•With Tank for Viscosity products

•Nozzle height adjustable for different sized bottles

•Photoelectric Sensors control the feeding, filling and moving action

Power 220V 50HZ,0.5KW

Air Supply 0.5Mpa

Filling Volume 200-4000ML

Production Capacity 1000-1500BPH

Filling Precision 1%

Weight 200KGs

Machine Size 2050*1100*1450mm³



facial mask packing machinery automatic intergrated process face mask fi...

facial mask packing machinery automatic intergrated process face mask filling sealing machine is controlled by micro-computer with linear design and  engine of famous brands like Schneider and OMRON and equipped with German PLC system.  The volume calculation  of  this  machine is precise with easy handing. Its sealing system is controlled by intelligent temperature controller with high qualified rate. This machine is special designed for facial mask factory with professional research, compact structure and easy operation, which can fulfill the whole packing process of facial mask production with no dripping. Moreover, one worker can handle two machines at the same time.

facial mask packing machinery working Processes:

Auto Packing Locating - Auto Filling - Auto Sealing - Auto Printing - Finished

Technical Feature:

1. Automatic packaging process ,No need to manual operation;

2. Material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel manufacturing ,according to GMP standard;

3. Intelligent detection,bag filling sealing,no bag,no filling,no sealing;

4. Germany PLC system,powerful,durable;

5.The machine applies 7 inch color touch screen with easy and clear setup parameter,as well as auto diagnosis for errors;

6.Intelligent digital display temperature control system.the sealing automatic temperature compensation,temperature control precision,the seal failure rate low.

7.The machine pneumatic selects the well-known brand,long working life,convenient maintenance replacement.

8.According to customer different way of packing,liquid injection quantity can be customized.

automatic intergrated process face mask filling sealing machine Specification:

Capacity  3500-4500pcs/h

Working Voltage  AC 220V-380V(choose)

Accuracy  ±0.5~1%

Filling Head4 heads

Working Pressure  0.6~0.8Mpa

Over Dimension  2950*900*1650mm

Power 2.2(kw)

Sealing Temperature 120~200℃(Adjustable)

Bag Open Way Sucker Automatic Open

Mask Size W85/160  H110/195

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